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Prime Minister calls out Opposition Leader over land transactions

On Friday night, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow closed the 2018 budget debate.  Earlier this month the Prime Minister presented the budget he entitled “Maintaining Steadiness; Consolidating Stability; Advancing Growth.” The Opposition, People’s United Party, was given two weeks to prepare for the budget debate. With parliamentarians from both sides of the House contributing to the debate, some in a less significant way than others, on Thursday Leader of the Opposition Leader, John Briceno, was first to respond. During his speech, Briceno spoke of corruption; saying that the Barrow led UDP came into office ten years ago on a platform of zero tolerance on corruption and is going out as the most corrupt ever. On Friday the Prime Minister took the time to respond to Briceno’s claims, zooming in on several land transactions made by Briceno during his tenure as Minister of Lands under a PUP Government.

And as the Prime Minister continued, Briceno attempted to explain that the lands that his family members received were transactions made before he was in Government.