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Prime Minister Comments on People’s Constitution Commission

On Monday a House Committee was held to hear suggestions and concerns from members of the public regarding the People’s Constitution Commission. Members of the Constitution and Foreign Affairs Committee heard several presentations including from the Young Leaders Alliance (YLA). PM John Briceno says the group will be represented as well as the National Kriol Council. 

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “I think we want to stop where we are. We, yesterday, agreed to include two young people. They are two different organisations. Well, there’s a group of people. I don’t remember their names of the different organisations of young people of which Minister Usher has asked them to name one. They have been an outstanding group, so we will be asking them also to name a person and then lastly, we have agreed that we, although the Kriol Council of Belize is not very active but they are asking that they want to put somebody in there so I guess we’ll put somebody, just because from the issue that everybody speaks Kriol in Belize so we’re going to put them there. What is important is going to be, is that the Commission is going to have extensive consultations with everyone. So, if you are not in the Commission that does not mean that you cannot go and put your position, give your ideas, express your concerns and ideas in what you want to see, in how we can reform the Constitution and make our democracy even deeper and stronger in our country.”

East Indians Want to be Represented in PCC

While the younger population and Kriol will be represented what about East Indians? The East Indian Council of Belize and the Corozal Organization of East Indian Cultural Heritage fired off a press release, expressing concern and alarm over its exclusion from the People’s Constitution Commission. The groups say that East Indian people make up about 3.8% of the population. In the release, the group made it clear that East Indians have made Belize their home for almost 150 years and have contributed significantly to the development of the country. President of the Council, Gabriel Pate, told Love News that both groups are legally registered organizations and not a fringe group seeking publicity. He says that it is therefore imperative that they should be represented at the table of the People’s Constitution Commission.