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Prime Minister Finds Place for Assad Shoman

Last week Ambassador Assad Shoman was removed as the Opposition, People’s United Party’s representative on the team addressing the Belize Guatemala dispute. At today’s press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow indicated that the Government will seek to engage Ambassador Shoman going forward.


“The question of his removal by the PUP is a matter for him and the PUP. We do think that Assad has a great deal of knowledge and expertise with respect to this issue and we will look to see if there is not some professional capacity in which the government of Belize might employ his services. I saw in one interview he said that he’s always made it plain to me that he is available and I haven’t used him, well Assad we certainly will talk. I think it’s time to talk now and I perfectly understand his saying to the PUP “you have appointed me but I’m not a PUP” well it’s not the UDP that will appoint him to anything if we do proceed it is the government of Belize and he is a citizen of Belize and I am saying that I am perfectly prepared to try to work something out with him that will see him lend his remunerated services to the issue.”

Ambassador Shoman was replaced as the Opposition representative by Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay.