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Prime Minister not worried about President Trump’s threat

Prime Minister Dean Barrow says he is not particularly worried about the statements made by US President Donald Trump. In his first State of the Union Address earlier this week, the US President said he would implement penalties to “enemies” of the US. This stemmed from the minimal support the US received when the Trump administration decided to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital at the UN. Belize was among those countries that voted in favor of the UN resolution. This morning the Prime Minister said he is not particularly fazed.

Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“I’m not particularly worried I think we are friends with United States and certainly it is a friendship that can and will survive that particular vote at the UN so it’s not something that I am especially concerned about.”


Now we know although we agree that it is in their strategic interest every year Congress has to support and vote support for the CARSI initiative which benefits both nations but it does benefit Belize with the various security apparatus that they are able to get. Do you think that with this signal from the president that Congress may be more stingy in the disbursement with the CARSI Funds.”

Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“I completely and absolutely doubt that it is what you said at the start. In terms of CARSI it is not charity from the US. It is a matter of pursuing their strategic interests and those interests have not changed and cannot change in terms of the circumstances in the region so again I’m not worried.”