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Prime Minister says no confusion on sovereignty of Sarstoon

On Wednesday Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted a press conference to address the Sarstoon Island expedition which took place on Sunday. He said after revision of video footage and the report from the OAS, the Government is indeed sending a note of protest to Guatemala over the incident. While the protest note is reportedly on the way, Prime Minister Barrow said the narrative being told that the security forces have in fact abandoned their duties in the area is erroneous. He said the security forces protect and defend our Sarstoon River sovereignty on a continuing basis. The Prime Minister went on to make clear his position on sovereignty of the Sarstoon River.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

We therefore unequivocally maintain that the boundary between the two countries is the mid channel of the Sarstoon river so acknowledged from time immemorial and stated in the 1859 Treaty and we accordingly continue to declare that we are sovereign over our half of the Sarstoon River. We say this, we mean this, we will never change this. And as it is with the Sarstoon so it is with all of Belize, this territory is ours the entire 8867 square miles of it and out sovereignty over our country which not only our military but ultimately all of us are prepared to defend to the death is unalterable, unshakable, immovable.”

The Prime Minister said the Belize Territorial Volunteers have been acting on the basis of misinformation and once again urged them to desist from their actions as it has been creating problems.