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Prime Minister Speaks on Trump’s Victory

Donald John Trump will be the 45th president of the United States of America, capping a historic and boisterous run by an outsider who captured a loyal following across America. His success was only part of a larger, crushing victory for the Republican Party, which retained the House and maintained control of the Senate. The brash New York businessman is expected to win at least 270 electoral votes and will take his Republican ticket to the White House in January. Trump had trailed Democrat Hillary Clinton in polling averages for nearly the entire election cycle, but he defied the polls and ended up picking up states many pundits deemed out of his reach. On the local front, we asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow to comment on Trump’s victory.


“Clearly their democracy worked, the elections obviously were not rigged and the fact that Mr. Trump was able to confound all the pundits and pollsters is something of which he’s no doubt extraordinarily and justifiable proud. We as a fellow democracy certainly congratulate the people of the United States on what was a peaceful election and we congratulate Mr. Trump as the President elect. There are these protests being mounted, that too is a function of democracy but the man won and he may not have won the popular vote but in terms of the electoral college he won handsomely so that is the democratic process.”

In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Donald Trump noted that he will deport or jail up to three million illegal migrants initially. Those targeted would be migrants with criminal records, such as gang members and drug dealers. There were an estimated 178,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records in the US in 2010.