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Rt.Honorable Dean Barrow- Prime Minister of Belize

Prime Minister to stay in office until Term Expires

Cabinet at its meeting today discussed the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) current trajectory heading towards the 2020 general elections.  Cabinet agreed to recommend to the UDP National Party Council a revised calendar that would adhere to the Party’s Constitution, which states that the next UDP leadership convention cannot occur before January of 2020. As a consequence, the delegates’ conventions that must take place before the leadership convention, will also now be moved back.  Cabinet points out that the notion of having the leadership convention before the time prescribed by the Party’s Constitution was precipitated by Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s (DEAN BARROW VO) declaration, to Cabinet and publicly, of his wish to retire before the end of the term mandated both by the UDP’s and the country’s Constitutions. But in light of what Cabinet sees as the exigencies of the situation, the Prime Minister has, on the urging of his Cabinet, agreed to stay on.  In a press release, Cabinet made it known that the position is supported by all Ministers, including those not present at the meeting.

The Peoples United Party (PUP) has issued its own counter-narrative on the Prime Minister’s declaration to complete his term in office. In a press release sent this afternoon, the PUP chided the Government for not addressing crime, healthcare, economy or national debt. The PUP said QUOTE “Cabinet apparently spent all its time today begging the Prime Minister to stay in office until 2020, if the release is to be believed.” UNQUOTE. The PUP said that rather than discuss the Prime Minister serving his full term in cabinet, the topic would have been better ventilated at the UDP Secretariat or at Brads Store where it alleges QUOTE “UDP policies are apparently formulated.” Unquote, In the end, it’s much ado about nothing for John Saldivar and Patrick Faber who have both eyed the leadership position of the UDP.