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Prime Minister’s Message From Havana

Prime Minister Dean Barrow  is recovering from spinal surgery in Cuba and he is expected to return to Belize on Saturday. From the recovery bed, the PM has penned his Independence Day message in which he has been reflecting on our independence and how we faced a militarized neighbor with an unjust and illegal claim to our country, and a colonial power reluctant to do what was necessary to help finalize and secure our freedom. However, fast forward to 2018 and the PM says “there are still multiple challenges that beset us…Indeed, they are no more than should be expected from any nation-building process and are shared by all small, developing countries. One, however, remains the same bane that confounded our Independence campaign. But we defeated it then and we will defeat it now. And if next April, we decide to deploy the newly available legal tool of our impregnable ICJ court case, it will mark the beginning of the end for Damocles and his sword.” The PM’s message concluded by asking Belizeans to celebrate the success of an Independence well won and to also celebrate the confidence given us by our history and by our victory.