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Princess’s Boyfriend Remains a Suspect in Homicide Investigation

Belize City Police continue to investigate the murder of thirty-five year old Indira “Princess” Thompson. She was stabbed multiple times and left to die in an abandoned building once known as the Bellevue Hotel on Southern Foreshore in Belize City. The stabbing took place on Good Friday, April 14 and today ACP Chester Williams says the police are still looking for one person in connection with that homicide.


“We have not been able to catch up with him but we are hoping that pretty soon we will and when we do then we will see how that investigation will progress from there.”


“Now there are suspicions that the individual who is said to be her boyfriend has a slash on his neck, have you cleared him completely of all suspicion?”


“No not at this time. He and every other person who was around at that time are still being treated as suspects but you would know that the law only provides us to hold them for a certain number of hours and those hours have expired and so they were released but the investigation around them still continues.”

The police department had indicated that they are looking for a man of Hispanic decent. “Princess” was reportedly staying with Carl Mortar, a friend, and who is believed to have been her boyfriend. He told Love News that he saw the suspect leave the premises but not before he was injured to the neck by the individual.