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Principal of Stella Maris Says Cutting Teachers’ Salaries is a Slap in the Face

Today, the media got to hear from the Principal of Stella Maris School, Karema Arnold. She gave a unique perspective as a school administration about the ongoing trade dispute between the teachers and the government. Arnold says that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and cutting teachers’ salaries is a slap in the face.

Karema Arnold, Principal, Stella Maris School: “This whole pandemic has taken a toll on everybody. The entire economic system of the world. However like you rightly mentioned teachers have taken the time to qualify themselves to ensure that they gain the necessary credentials that they need to be in this profession. Taking away our salary is somewhat like a slap in the face, this is my point of view, a slap in the face and it’s not something that we’re taking sitting down. There must be other options that the government can take or look at before they say this is what we’re gonna do and hands down. What we recognize is that like you rightly said the needs of our children and as we speak we have teachers who have been reaching out to parents and finding out their take on it. As a union member we come together, our theme is solidarity, we will ensure that we come together if it means that we have to put all this aside momentarily and we have parents understand that what we’re doing is not just for now. We want to set the ground work for our children’s children and for the next generations to come that ensuring that all these things that we’re doing now that they don’t have to go through.”