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Principal says she will fight efforts to fire her

Last week it was reported that principal of Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio, Policarpia Pech was facing difficulties after a petition was sent to the Teaching Services Commission to remove her as principal. According to some teachers, Pech has been mismanaging the school. Over the weekend Love News spoke with Pech who denied the allegations made against her.

Policarpia Pech – Principal, Faith Nazarene Primary School

“I was advised that there is nothing legally impeding me from respectfully declining all negative comments and allegations being made by a few individuals. I am a God fearing professional and law abiding individual and wish to emphasize that rumors being fabricated lie on hearsay and mischief. I ask that those spreading misconstrued information to stop casting a shadow on the work I did along with willing and supportive parents and the students at Faith Nazarene School.”

Pech says that she will fight back the withdrawal petition and that she has received a letter that has stated she will return as principal this coming school year.

Policarpia Pech – Principal, Faith Nazarene Primary School

“First I will on the advice of my lawyer and in my hand a I have a letter that I received on August 1st saying that I will be going to the school as the principal and I can read the part that it says “this is to say that in your role as principal you will report directly to the general manager who will supervise your activities. You are encouraged to direct all your concerns, questions and plans for Faith Nazarene Primary School to the General Manager.”

The new school year begins tomorrow. The bottom line is that the General Manager will take over the day to day management of the school until the Teaching Service Commission makes it final ruling.