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Priscilla Banner: “rendering of justice must not only be fair but also timely”

The President of the Bar Association, Priscilla Banner, also addressed the legal minds gathered at this morning’s opening of the 2018 legal year. In her address, Banner noted the efforts needed to make the justice system impeccable.

Priscilla Banner, President of the Bar Association

“The work of perfecting the administration of Justice is never completed; each generation has the task of working to perfect the Justice system for the next generation that follows. Why you may ask is this so; well for me, the answer is simple. Justice ensures that the rule of law prevails which creates balance and fairness in an evolving society and the rendering of Justice must not only be fair but it also must be timely and relevant for it to be an effective tool for Balance and fairness with regard to the Judiciary the BAR association also offers it sincere and best wishes for a successful legal year. The bar’s message to the judiciary is that we are each other’s keepers. We are the guardians of each other’s mandate. What does it mean when we say that we are each other’s keepers; it means that we  just as we expect the Judiciary to ensure Attorneys at all times do what is required of them whether through guidance in court or guidance out of court through discipline in the GLC so too it is expected that we as attorneys whenever it is necessary do what is expected of us if we perceive a threat to the integrity and efficiency of the legal system.”

Banner pointed out that the legal system is very vital to the society and its aim is to clear-up conflict.

Priscilla Banner, President of the Bar Association

“If matters are not resolved then the many improvements made by each generation towards perfecting our system of justice shows no fruit so, for instance, it has no answer to untimely delivering of judgments that significant reformation has taken place in the administration. It is no answer that more judges have been trained and it is no answer that the staff has been augmented. The only answer is that persons who entered the system with their claims or are brought before the system to be tried and put their faith and confidence in that system have left the system with those claims resolved or judgment rendered in a timely manner; as said by Benjamin Franklin” justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”. We look forward my lord to a new legal year by the Judiciary; coupled with a deep and abiding resolve.”

Banner added that the bar association looks forward to a year of advancement and they intend to work towards that end.