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Prison CEO says no more Tuesday Escapes

While Moore’s dash to freedom cut his life short, there were three individuals whose sprint lasted a few hours. Rafael Mencias was convicted of manslaughter and accused in a beheading case and Wilser Echeverria who was convicted of killing Panamanian diplomat Jose Rodrigo De la Rosa were both caught hours after their escape on May 7. The third escapee, Christian Neal is still at large.  Though it was coincidence that their dash to freedom and Kevin Moore occurred on Tuesdays, Murillo pointed out in good humor there was no inmates attempted escape during the past two Tuesdays.

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “In terms of our last escaped convict, where are we with that investigation. Do you have any leads to where he may be at this point?”

Virgilio Murillo – CEO Kolbe Foundation: “Well we are still pursuing him. I am glad that you asked the question cause one of the things that I want to do is to take this opportunity to tell the public please don’t run the risk of harboring that prisoner because anybody who harbors a prisoner can face up to five years imprisonment if they catch them. That is the law so maybe you should publish this so that they hear. We are still on him and we are hoping to get him very soon.”