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Prison inmates honored for participation in PSE and MOE A

Cindy Gregg School: it is an education centre for the inmates at the Belize Central Prison.  Sitnah Blease reports on how and why the centre exists.

Sitnah Blease: 71 inmates of the Belize Central Prison were recognized by the Kolbe Foundation for their efforts made at higher learning. A ceremony took place this morning on the prison grounds with the participation with the Ministry of Education. The 68 men and three women  received certificates for their participation in the 2018 Primary School Examination or the Ministry of Education Androgyny training. At this morning’s ceremony Norman Willacey, Principal of St. Gregg School on the grounds shared that it hasn’t always been easy teaching inmates.

Norman Willacey Principal of St. Gregg School: “There are many different dynamics in teaching an inmate: one he has his own issues going on in his mind and he is challenged by other unfortunate incidents at home which immediately throws him in another world and I have to deal with that, get him balanced and somehow work through those issues as best as possible that he can get back on track with his learning. Inmates have their own personal agendas and issues in helping an inmate to put his thoughts and even to him help him disconnect with issues outside the jail and have him refocus again on this opportunity.
Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Education Dr. Carol Babb: who was also the main speaker at the event spoke about how important it is to continue providing opportunities of education for the inmates.

Dr. Carol Babb: To you the persons who have been recognized today I must say how very proud I am of you. I am proud that you have taken the time and interest to invest in your own personal development. Though you cannot change the path you have chosen, education is the most powerful tool that can change your lives forever. The courses you have taken will enhance your abilities toward further employment when you are released. Our presence here today is saying to all of you inmates, we want a better and a safer Belize. I want to feel safe, my colleagues want to feel safe when we walk this beautiful country of ours. It can happen, help us to help you to make a better Belize.

Sitnah Blease: As the inmates received words of encouragement towards their education and pledged with the Kolbe Foundation in their aim of providing higher education all inmates. Reporting for Love News I am Sitnah Blease.