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Prisoner Escapes Additional Time in Jail

Twenty-six year old Eric Castillo appeared before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, today and was found guilty of drug trafficking. Castillo, who is serving time for burglary, asked for leniency. He said that his release date is June 3, but he will out of prison in the next 30 days because he will get “a run” due to the fact that he does construction work at the prison. Chief Magistrate Smith then chose not to give him the custodial sentence of three years. She gave him until December 31 to pay and told him that if he defaults on payment he will serve five years. The incident occurred on April 26, 2015. Prison officer Walter Gabb testified that he was working in the search area of the prison when he saw Castillo, a trustee, picking up garbage in an area that was restricted to inmates. He said that when he searched the black garbage bag that Castillo had, he found two parcels which contained cannabis. One parcel had one hundred and fifty seven grams while the other parcel contained two hundred and fifteen grams, which amounted to a total of three hundred and seventy two grams. The police were called in and Castillo was taken to Hattieville Police Station. Castillo testified and said that he was beaten by the police and his jaw was broken. He said that he escaped from the station because the police refused to take him to the hospital. He was later apprehended and charged with escape. Castillo also testified that he was told by another prison officer to take out the garbage and did not know that it contained cannabis