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Prisoner Escapes Police Custody

Benque Viejo Police continue their search for escaped prisoner Henry Abel Calderon Garcia. The twenty-three year old Guatemalan laborer of Caracol Lane Benque Viejo Town was under in police custody when, on Wednesday this week, he was asked to perform cleaning duties and was sent to the faucet behind the cell block at the Benque Viejo Police Station. He was apparently unsupervised and that was when he made a run for it. By the time police checked up on him he was gone. He remains at large and Police are asking the public to contact the nearest police station or the Benque Viejo Police at 803-2022 if they have information that can lead them to Garcia. Calderon Garcia was arrested and charged for possession of controlled drugs and had been fined eight hundred and five dollars to be paid forthwith. Police say he also has other previous convictions.