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Private Sector Supports Julius Espat in Cayo South

Espat, however, does not rely solely on the assistance from the Government of Belize for this Cayo South division as he told Love News that as a businessman he has been planning and working his plan to help the residents of his area and it is through hard work that he has gotten cooperation from the private sector.


“To be honest with you because I come from a business community where to be able to do something you have to package the project, what we did initially is we financed the first year to be able to show people that we were serious and then we used to package of the projects we did to be able to seek more funding.  People don’t necessarily like to give politicians money but they will help you if you see that you are doing a project that is positive to community and that has been extremely successful for us. We have been able to maintain the Valley of Peace road two times a year, doing that we have been able to do our NHI in Cayo South for three and a half years. We have been able to maintain our fields we have been able to do many things and we have a manifesto that we are bringing out this week that will show the people what was done and what we are proposing to do.”

Espat has been serving as the Area Representative for Cayo South since 2012 when he garnered three thousand and fifty one votes out of the five thousand two hundred and twenty that went out to vote in that division.