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Proceeds from Book Launch go to Saint Mary’s School Feeding Program

Poet and author of the anthology, Quiet Moments Rejuvenates the Soul, Flora Anderson-Chestnut, launched the second edition of her poetry book today, at the Belize Image Factory. This particular book launch received special recognition, however as proceeds from the books purchased will be donated to the Saint Mary’s School Feeding Program. Anderson-Chestnut explained more about what inspired her to become a poet and how long she has been writing.

Flora Anderson-Chestnut Poet and Author: “What inspired me to do the book initially was a very trying experience led me to do it because the first poem I wrote was one way once. As I was going through which a lot of us go through you know a lot of depression so forth, back and forth and up until now I have not been to a psychiatrist because the first poem that I wrote was my whole instead of going to a psychiatrist. It was like God answering to some of the questions that I had when I was going through and I sat at my desk at work and I took a pencil and a piece of paper and I just said Lord, if I drop dead right now will this person change because I was only married for six months and if I get crazy will it change? The answer was no meaning that you only have one time that you know right now for life and so that just change my whole perspective and help me to just get back up and not be sorry for myself and to know that it wasn’t my fault but just to live one day at a time and to know that god is in charge.

She also spoke of the idea behind her poetry that is included in the second edition of Quiet Moments Rejuvenates the Soul.

Flora Anderson-Chestnut Poet and Author:” Looking at the culture, history and our origin being people of African descent and one piece that I have in there is the San Cofa concept meaning that we should never be ashamed to look back and to claim our roots and to now if we don’t know where we came from, we don’t know where we are going and so I have like within the collection has a lot of different reflections. It has about just like simply living life in a simple way but to be as positive as possible each and everyday that I am alive and one piece was being over there and to be able to vote the first time for the President Obama. I have a tribute to him in there but it was just overall. The first edition had a lot of personal experiences and then the second edition I have added more like cultural pieces, history and so forth.

Anderson-Chestnut spoke more about the reasoning behind her donation and her hopes of the book launch being successful.

Flora Anderson-Chestnut Poet and Author: “I have been contributing to the food share program that they have at the Mary’s School and so when I decided to do this book launch here I said that’s what I would like to do so I am going to give some of the proceeds from the sales of the book today to that program because I attended St. Mary’s School and so I just want to give back and that is what we need to do or pay forward. I hope and I am praying that it is a success and if not I will do you know whatever I can to contribute because I have done it in the past and so I hope that it will be successful today and I have been advertising it in that respect to let people know I am not only doing it just to do and I wanted to give back to where I originate for school and all that.

She states that after today, several books will be left at the Belize Image Factory for sale, where others can purchase if wanting to contribute to a worthy cause.