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Prognosis for Ian and Empress is Guarded but Doctors Remain Hopeful

This past Friday, eight year old Ian Sambula and eleven year old Empress Hamilton, who sustained grave burnt injuries after their home was set on fire, were flown out to Galveston Texas, Unites States of America to the Shriner’s Burns Hospital for Children to receive emergency Medical Services. Saving the children’s life was a difficult task as they had over ninety percent burnt wounds. The Burnt Victims Unit of Belize along with the Shriner’s Burns Hospital undertook that mission. The hospital provides all medical care free of charge for the children but an air ambulance was needed to transport them to Texas. Administrator of the Burnt Unit of Belize, Yvette Burkes provided an update of Ian and Empress’ recovery. The children are receiving treatment to combat infection and they are undergoing surgeries for skin renewal. The burn injuries caused severe damage to the children’s kidneys so the children are also receiving dialysis treatment. Doctors remain hopeful and optimistic but state that the prognosis is guarded. The air ambulance was secured through the Burnt Victims Mercy Fund at more than seventy thousand dollars. The Burnt Unit is asking the public for financial assistance to repay the money. If you would like to donate to the Burnt Victim Mercy Fund, you can do so at Belize Bank Account Number 695-01-1-52111 or contact Yvette Burkes at the Belize Emergency Response Team at number 2233292.