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Programme for Belize gives scholarships to deserving students

Programme for Belize awarded six students scholarships to further their high school education. The total cost of the scholarships is four thousand dollars.  Executive Director for Programme for Belize, Edilberto Romero told Love News that the selected recipients are from the communities located in the vicinity of Rio Bravo.

Edilberto Romero – Executive Director, Programme for Belize: The target communities are the communities around Rio Bravo. These are communities that have very little employment opportunities and so we think that by giving them education we open up career opportunities, employment opportunities for them and by doing that then they reduce the pressures on Rio Bravo. They don’t have to go hunting, they don’t have to go logging, they don’t have to go cutting the forest so it’s helping us by helping them open up career opportunities. In addition to that we work with the principles of the different primary schools and they recommend students that have financial needs and have potential and we invite them to apply. We try to accompany them from first form to fourth form so five of the grantees are renewals and there is one that completed fourth form last year so it gave us the opportunity to give a scholarship to another student this year.

Love News spoke with Carolyn Arnold who said that she is elated that her daughter, Shirlyn Arnold, is one of the scholarship recipients.

Carolyn Arnold – Mother of scholarship recipient: Quite frankly it was one of the greatest news I received when I heard she was picked to be a participant with the scholarship program for Belize because I was taking care of both parents. They are visually impaired and my dad is now deceased and so I was at home with my children.I have five others and when I learnt of the scholarship it pleased my heart because I know that she can go to school and I don’t have to worry about the financial fees at the highschool.

Romero said that the scholarship was made possible through a donation from the Massachusetts’ Audubon Society.