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Programme for Belize gives away $3,344 in scholarships

Today, Programme for Belize awarded six scholarships to high school students who live in the rural parts of Belize. Executive Director of Programme for Belize, Edilberto Romero tells us more.

Edilberto Romero – Executive Director, Programme for Belize

“Today we are awarding six scholarships valued at $3,344.00. It is a one year scholarship and we are hoping that we wil get another one next so we will be able to renew and probably add some new ones. The grant comes from the Massachusetts Audubon Society and the connection is with the birds and nature. They are a conservation organization who share birds with their reserve and our reserve. For them it is important that we protect the wintering grounds of their birds  and for us it is important that they protect the breeding grounds of our birds there. This is a way to help the communities and build a good relationship and their support in the management and protection of our reserve.”

Kerwin Torres, one of the scholarship recipients was elated to receive the scholarship and shared how he learned about it.


Kerwin Torress – Scholarship recipient

“I got to know about the scholarship, it was a year tuition grant.  I re-applied by getting good grades and applying and asking for it again.”


The students who were the recipients of today’s scholarships are from Lemonal Village, Rancho Dolores, August Pine Ridge and San Carlos village.