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Programs at the Prison’s Wagners Youth Facility

The Wagners Youth Facility is segregated from the general population of the inmates. The prison has various programs including rehabilitation for all inmates and William Dawson, the director of that facility says there have been good results from the programs designed for the minors that are housed at Wagners.

William Dawson Director Wagner’s youth Facility: “We have several programs running at the Wagner’s Youth Facility. We have one of the main programs that is running which is the Computer Lab which is the Computer Aided Learning Skills Program which is facilitated by RESTORE Belize and we also have with that is the Wilson Reading Program which is literacy phonics program to enhance their literacy. Besides that we offer trades in the form of plumbing, electrical, woodwork, agriculture, hammock making and we have other spiritual programs and physical exercise activity that keep their body in good shape and good health. Just let me tell you that we had Galen University, the other day we had several institutions that interacted with these youths. We have several programs that we have ongoing to make sure that we engage these youths and keep them focused and engaged in positive activity and even spirituality. You know we are pushing a great vybe right now with the youths and we are getting very good results.”

There were 34 youths from the Wagners Youth Facility that participated in the session with the students from the Frank Lizama  Centre.