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PUP Removes Ivan Ramos As Standard Bearer

Last week via a press conference held by the People’s United Party, there were talks about changes coming about within the organization reportedly geared at strengthening the blue and white camp … and following in accordance with that announcement, change has come for the Dangriga constituency as elected official, Ivan Ramos is stepping aside to give way to a replacement who the party feels will be a stronger opponent for Frank ‘Papa’ Mena running under the United Democratic Party. The announcement was made by Party leader, Francis Fonseca.


“Over the past few week our party has been engaged in additional discussions across the country in all our constituencies across the country carrying out an audit of our constituencies and we’ve had vigorous discussions in many constituencies and our discussions in Dangriga have brought us here today to report to the Belizean people, in effect, the changing of the guard in Dangriga. He (Ivan Ramos) will of course continue to work with the party and serve out his term as Area Representative for Dangriga and he will do so as he has always done, with distinction. He has been a good friend to me; he has been a strong and faithful member of our party and a true servant of the people of Dangriga. And that brings me to the man who will take up the challenge being left behind by the Honorable Ivan Ramos and that is my friend Mr. Anthony Sabal.”

Ramos addressed the gathering at Independence Hall in Belize City this morning and from indications gathered, it was a move that he was not comfortable with.  So much so, that he gave a tongue lashing of some sort to the party, warning them of being the reason for their own demise if certain things are not changed.


“My brothers and sisters and as a party I know that we are at a cross roads and I have listened to the call for changes and that there will be changes. I want to say to my party that I believe yes change, yes you want that assurance that we will form the government but let me give a word of caution, be careful what you are doing. I ask that you be careful of what you are doing. I am not a person that talks too much and especially I don’t entertain idle talk, I hate idle talk. This party has been engaged in too much idle talk and it is hurting the party. It is something that I have said around the table before and I am saying it again, you will cause your own destruction if you don’t desist from this behavior. In Dangriga the fundamentals are still the same, joblessness, lack of opportunities and more so when it comes to our young people. My involvement in politics was to help change these circumstances into something better and my fight answering the call at the time was to do just that. I want to challenge Mr.Sabal and the rest of us to understand that it is not always just about politics, yes that is important that is how governments are formed but the people of Dangriga want somebody who will stand for them and will do the work to create opportunities and that is a serious call and what I hope will be the agenda of our party going into the next election. I heard it long ago you know, that I will not run for the general elections, I heard it long ago and so three weeks ago when my very good friend came from Belmopan and said ‘This is it’. I was already contemplating. There are those who believe that we should fight loud and beat the chest and things of that sort, I have never fought that way so if you are looking for that kind of person I am not the person indeed and looking at what is on the ground I have decided that I don’t have to be, it was never about me, I am confident that getting out of this position at this time will boost my energy and I can do as the party leader said, much much more and I will prove to that and I will rise to the occasion.”

Love News understands from senior party officials that the request made for Ramos to step aside, came after concerns were expressed by the party’s Dangriga Executive Committee and other party supporters in the area.  Ramos is currently the Area Representative for Dangriga – a seat that he gained People’s United Party in the 2012 general elections with two thousand and thirty six of the three thousand eight hundred and twenty seven votes cast in Dangriga.  The PUP in the press conference, subsequently presented Anthony Sabal as Ramos’ replacement.  Later in our news, we will look into the constitutionality of this move by the PUP and how this situation ties in with the party’s talk of internal party reform just last week on the national media