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Proposal was never seen by SSB

As we reported, the Ministry of Health was proposing to build a new warehouse in Belmopan with one point six million dollars from the National Health Insurance, NHI, reserve fund. Shortly after the memorandum of the proposal made its way into the public domain, it was shutdown by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow who said  “in my view, and especially in the current circumstances, MOH ought not to make any such application.”And while making plans to use the NHI fund, the Ministry of Health had failed to inform Social Security Board which manages the NHI fund about its intentions. Today, Dr. Colin Young reiterated that SSB has not received any request from the Ministry of Health.
Dr. Colin Young – CEO of Social Security Board: As far as we are concerned at SSB we still have not received any request regarding those funds. I can’t speak for the Minster or for any other entity other than the fact that we have not gotten that request and I don’t expect that we will get such a request because in our view if that request was made the board would have had an obligation to ensure that any funds that are being requested for, any use had to comply with the legislation.”
The Ministry of Health will be seeking other avenues to acquire the funds to build the warehouse.