Prosecutor Addresses Allegations of Threat Against Prisoner

Prosecutor Addresses Allegations of Threat Against Prisoner

Outside the courtroom today, Prosecutor Elrington also took the opportunity to address an allegation made by prisoner Elmer Nah, that a police officer on the security detail had threatened him. She explained that the GI-3 unit of the Belize Police Department was assigned to provide additional security to the accused being brought from the Belize Central Prison because Nah is a high-profile prisoner. She said that after reviewing video footage of the day Nah claims he was threatened, she is prepared to defend the police inspector who was accused. 

Alifa Elrington, Prosecutor: “After that complaint was mad . I subsequently got certain information as it relates to the actual transportation so there’s actual video footage of the full transportation of Mr.Nah when he was picked up at the prison, when he was escorted out the prison doors into the prison van and the prison van is actually secured also with video cameras at the front and at the back so his entire transportation while he was on that prison van was also recorded. The officers in this situation are also equipped with body cams so when he was taken out of the prison van at the back of the court on that day and escorted up the prison steps there is also that video footage and that was my position to the court today. That I am putting on record that we have the entire transaction and we are prepared to defend the actions of the police officers and the allegations that remain. So that is what I said to your honor this morning I had to put it on record because what officially was on record was a formal complaint that an inspector was threatening him and so I had to make sure because again the transportation of this prisoner has become a part of our duty and I need to ensure that he is being transported properly and he’s not being threatened. So I indicated to the court that I have the video footage.”

Apart from being a member of the Bladen 12, Elmer Nah is currently on remand at the Belize Central Prison for the murders of Jon, David, and Vivian Ramnarace in Belmopan.

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