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Protecting and Recovering History in Times of Disasters

The National Institute of Culture and History and the Museum of Belize concluded a two day workshop focused on training museum operators, private collectors, archives and library employees on disaster preparedness and recovery of collections. The training titled “Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for Collections” is the third in the last three years. Organizers conducted trainings on the proper handling of collections in 2015 and 2016.  Marketing and membership officer at the Museum of Belize, Carla Rosado is one of the organizers. She says they are trying to ensure the proper care is given to collections with a historical and cultural value to them. Echoing the importance of the workshop is Marvin Pook, a Conservator at the Archives department in Belmopan who has extensive experience in disaster management and recovery of archival collections and who contributed to the workshop.


Conservator Rebecca Newberry from the Science Museum of Minnesota is facilitating the workshop and is providing lectures and hand-on practical training. She says participants need to have a plan and understand how a disaster may impact their collection and institution.