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PROTO making a Difference at All Saints

The children of All Saints Primary School are being given the opportunity not only to develop academically but also to develop their talents. The Principal of All Saints Primary School, Tanesha Ros, said that making available these extracurricular activities have allowed the children to express themselves.

Tanesha Ros – Principal of All Saints Primary School

“I have seen since the school years started that with the onset of the new clubs that we have that children feel welcomed, they feel appreciated, they know that someone has identified that hidden talent that they had but never got an opportunity to highlight or demonstrate in the past and so what we do is to bring together all these talents in the school curriculum and in the extracurricular activities too and so we find that students are being more comfortable.”

The President of People Reaching Out to Others, (PROTO) Mark Usher, is helping the school by providing these extracurricular activities to the students.

Mark Usher – President of PROTO

“Schools are technically overburdened the teachers they have large classrooms, the principals and administration staff they have a lot of work to do. Now for a child to get a really rounded education it’s not only the academics, we are talking about music, we are talking about sports, drama, and theater and even with the academics, we are talking about after-school support. So those are the needs that we have identified that we can come in and we can provide support for the schools free of charge. So, for example, we have an active drama club already in All Saint’s they meet once a week, we have basketball clubs, we have football clubs, we have cycling clubs and all these clubs are done after school so this is good for the school because what it does is that it builds morale for the parents and for the students and teachers. So essentially that is what the relationship is about, it’s about bringing in working class people who can spare a little time to come in on the evenings and on weekends and get stuff done for the young people at the primary schools.”

The children are embracing the activities and got the opportunity to showcase their talent at today’s Children Day.