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PSU Condemns Hiring of Florencio Marin Sr.

Last week, it was discovered that the Government hired former Deputy Prime Minister Florencio Marin Senior as an advisor in the Ministry of Agriculture. Documents show that the former politician was hired on a 36 thousand dollars contract for one year. He is expected to play a crucial role in the negotiations between sugar cane farmers and BSI/ASR. However, the president of the Public Service, Dean Flowers, says that the government’s decision to hire Marin senior is a disrespect to young Belizeans. 

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union (P.S.U.): “This is a practice in which they continue to employ dinosaurs who really and truly, I would say, without being disrespectful, I believe they have a difficult time staying awake for eight hours of the day. So, throwing away money at an individual who does not need it, who this state has taken care of from cradle and clearly they want to take care of him up until his grave. He’s not needed because that industry was functioning while he was enjoying his retirement so clearly he’s not needed. For the Prime Minister to say that he is now needed is only trying to justify a political hire. I keep saying, we the people of Belize, should not be taking care of any minister from cradle to grave. He came. He served his time. He’s now enjoying his very comfortable pension. He has two children that we’re now taking care of as ministers. Stop disrespecting young people and stop disrespecting the Belizean people.” 

Flowers says that the union hopes that the Briceno Administration reconsiders this decision and allows Marin Senior to retire at home. 

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union (P.S.U.): “It would appear that these kinds of hiring would suggest that we don’t have competent public officers within the public service to provide the kind of advice that is necessary to these technical officers. Immediately following the November 2020 elections, we saw the Minister, or the Ministry of Agriculture hiring a whole series of consultants including several relatives, advisors. This administration continues that practice to date by now hiring Florencio Marin Sr. I understand the request was voted by Finance. It is unfortunate as you rightly stated. Mr. Marin is of age and the fact that he has experience and knowledge or he has experience and age sorry as well as knowledge that does not equate that he is competent enough to provide any advice to the Chairman of the Board as it relates to the current situation. I think that as you rightly concluded, the Ministry of Agriculture has a lot of young people and if the Ministry of Agriculture does not have young people, I can say that there’s a lot of qualified young people who I am certain have submitted their application on the Ministry of Public Service platform to fill any post, vacant post perhaps within the Ministry of Agriculture. It’s an insult to the Belizean public and it’s a disrespect to the young voters and the young population of this country by this administration.”