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PSU Demands that GOB Collects Arrears

During the interview this morning, the PSU’s First Vice President, Dean Flowers, question why the government wants to cut the salaries of public officers and teachers when millions are owed to the government in land tax. According to Flowers, eight landowners alone owe the government more than sixty-million dollars. Flowers says that the land tax owed to the government totals in the hundreds of millions.

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, Public Service Union: “Eight people. Eight land owners are indebted to the government sixty two million dollars. So while the government is attacking fourteen thousand public officers there are eight Belizeans or eight companies out there ,only eight, that owe this government sixty two million dollars. The lands arrears is well in excess of three hundred million dollars. The tax arrears is well in excess of four hundred and eighty six million dollars and the best thing the government could do is to come after public officers. Hard working public officers who are to be considered human resource assets rather than enemies. I want to comment a little bit about the Prime Ministers’ comment on the arrears of his sister – eleven point three million dollars one individual. The Prime Minister said the Belize Tax Services the manner in which they do that is out of whack. Every single business in Belize is judged, governed, assessed by the General Sales Tax Act and the Income Tax Act. Is it that the Prime Minster’s sister comes from animal farm and not from the country of Belize ? How is it that the Prime Minister can say his sister will not and should not pay what she has been assessed and what continues to accrue but every other Belizean business out there must comply ? And I am yet to hear from the private sector to condemn that inequality, that animal farm type mentality. I’m yet to hear a statement from the Belize Tax Services to say Mr.Prime Minister as Minister of Finance lord man GST is calculated on gross sales you’re on the news saying it’s not. Come on man let us read the law and understand our roles or let us stick to what we know rather we get on the media and speak about GST not being calculated – the law is clear you pay GST on your gross sales if you’re making seventy five thousand dollars or more per year. So I would love to hear from the private sector especially their representatives in terms of how this special individual is being treated where her arrears and assessment is concerned versus how they are being treated.”