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PSU Makes Submission to GOB for Consideration Under the Protected Disclosure Bill

The Public Service Union has made a submission to the government for consideration under the Protected Disclosure Bill, 2021. Firstly, the PSU says that it welcomes legislations that protects persons who report acts of corruption and other wrongdoing. The PSU is of the view that t it is necessary that the provisions of any proposed whistle-blower legislation are carefully considered to ensure the best possible arrangement. As such, the PSU submitted five substantial points for consideration. The first is that the legislation must first focus on the protection of disclosures of improper conduct by public servants and other public employees. Second, the PSU suggests that a single, national, and independent Authority be established to receive, and investigate reports of improper conduct in the public sector. Thirdly, the PSU is asking that the legislation clearly incorporates or establishes various mechanisms for concrete, corrective action to discipline wrongdoers and to right wrongdoings. The PSU also suggests that quasi-judicial, standing Tribunal be established to efficiently hear and determine complaints and impose sanctions. And lastly, the PSU is asking that the legislation contains mechanisms to ensure the performance by persons of their various functions and duties under the law, including fines, and dismissal in accordance with procedure prescribed under the legislation. The PSU is asking the government to hold off on its current legislation to allow necessary mechanism for implementation to be in place and public consultation.