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PSU to Meet with Prime Minister over Mayor’s sale of Land

In 2017, there was an initial meeting of the Belmopan City Mayor and the Public Service Union (PSU) representatives.  They had hoped to discuss a way to purchase the land following an evaluation. The last discussion they had with the City administrator was on the 9th. Since then, a company called Simplex Limited had incorrectly used 38 Santa Rita Layout, Corozal, the home address of Amelio Cal, rather than the home address of Sanju Chulani of 38 Santa Rita Road.  Simplex Limited was quickly formed on October 9th and the following day it purchased the leased land that houses the PSU. The PSU has the support of the strongest unions in the country and Mayor Khalid Belisle has stepped into deep political waters when he attempted to touch the unions and the building and hill that houses the PSU. Sources close to Love News have informed us that, the volatile situation has reached the Office of the Prime Minister. PM Barrow, we are reliably informed will meet with the PSU by the end of the week to discuss the fate of the land.  Though she would not confirm or deny the meeting with the PM, PSU President Dareth Obermayer says that they have a team examining every inch of the Mayor’s heavily discounted sale of the PSU land to  Xin Ni and his company which resides at the home of Sanju Chulani.

Dareth Obermayer President PSU: “We still continue to search diligently within our record to see if we can come up with anything else that would indicate that the Land transaction had been finalized.

Jose Sanchez: In your search the Asian businessman has anybody seen him, spoke to him or knows if he is anything other than a face and ID that has been floating around?”

Dareth Obermayer President PSU: “No not t to my knowledge, I know that we had asked our members from Corozal to see if it’s someone that they would be familiar with or that they would have known but up to present nothing have come forth.”

Jose Sanchez:Have you spoken to the gentleman whose areas was fraudulently used for this business that would be purchasing the Land from the City Council.

Dareth Obermayer President PSU:Personally I haven’t spoken to him but I had asked my Chairperson from Corozal to contact him and see to it that they get all the relevant information that would indicate that the address he is indicating is actually the address used on the document of the company. We know that a team of researchers from the Union that we had put together were supposed to look at all these angles as to verifying the address, verifying the JP and the actual individuals who did the singing of those documents as it relates to the transfer that took place. “

Jose Sanchez: “All the Unions together, you have the others support so it’s a very powerful and is this something then that would be arierated above the municipal level being that you have Union power?

Dareth Obermayer President PSU: Well yes and we believe that at the end of the day we have contacted our sister Unions and other organizations to have them come on board as it relates to the situation that we are facing with the sale of the Public Services Unions headquarters.”

Love News continues to follow this story closely.