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PSU Not Ready for Industrial Action

The charge for good governance led by the Belize National Teachers’ Union has created divisions in various sectors as some are in support of the teachers and some are not.  While the Public Service Union had agreed in supporting the BNTU, there has been some silence in the past weeks from that union up until today.  The PSU has now issued a release making their posiiton official and clear.  The release noted in its introduction that the PSU had held meetings countrywide and those has aided in solidifying their position.  The release reads, quote, “the participation of the unions in working our Belizean democracy is of utmost importance for good governance.  The PSU has always been a part of the process of jointly articulating national issues that can and should be pursued from a trade union perspective and platform.”  End of quote.  The document proceeded to list the national issues they feel strongly about including the 13th Senator, the signing on the United Nations Convention against Anti-corruption, the investigation into the immigration scandal, the formation of the Integrity Commission, activation of the Public Accounts Committee and the innovation in policing to curb crime.  The release went on to state, quote, “The PSU recognizes the important role of the NTUCB and also the commitment it has to hold government to good governance and greater transparency.  As an affiliate of the NTUCB we will redouble our efforts in the NTUCB to pursue the good governance agenda.  Public officers have recognized the probability of impending austerity measures and are preparing to meet with the full brunt of the Government’s course of actions.  PSU requires the concomitant declaration of the sacrifices that all including Government’s officials are prepared to make in the wake of the difficult times ahead.  The PSU notes that discussions with the Government are still ongoing and this union plans to respect the negotiation process.  There is presently no contemplation of industrial action and this is based on the principle of not bargaining under duress.  We have full and due respect for the decisions of our sister unions and we similarly will continue to be guided by those of our members.  We await the resumption of the negotiation sessions and for options to be pursued during the negotiation process for improved and enhanced governance.”  End of quote.