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PSU places a caution on Hilltop property

The press conference held yesterday in Belmopan by the Public Service Union has spurred a response from the Belmopan City Council late in the evening and a clarification from the Lands Department this morning.  The Ministry of Natural Resources disputes the report by the PSU that the land sale done to a Chinese businessman was expeditiously facilitated.  According to the release, the transaction met all the requirements and there were no legal impediments to delay the process and as such the transaction was completed in seven days.  The Ministry of Natural Resources stated that they had no part in the decision to sell the land or to take it away from the PSU but rather, that was a decision made by the owners.  They have noted, however, that the PSU has placed a caution on the Hilltop property based on its unregistered lease.  The Ministry reiterated in its release that its primary objective of the unit is the registration and recording of ownership of property. And, for good measure, they even noted, quote, “While the Ministry acknowledges it has been challenging to provide timely service, our targeted timeline for the processing of a transfer of ownership of land which satisfies all procedural requirements for registration or recording is five (5) working days.”