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PSU President discusses reinstatement of salaries and working hours

Come July 1, public sector workers and teachers will get back the ten per cent they lost in a salary cut that the Government implemented last year. On that day, their working hours will also revert to the full workday before the cut. We asked the PSU President, Dean Flowers to speak on this decision by Government. He says that while there are problems in the public service, he is hopeful that the work they do will be improved. 

Dean Flowers, President, PSU: “The significance of that is that public officers are getting back what was in my view taken from them by force and so we’re of course pleased that public officers will be getting back their 10% come July 1st. As it relates to the reverting of the working hours, the 39.5 hour work week for PEs and 45 hour work week for OVs I think the significance of that is that the general public now has an additional hour within which to do business. It would be my hope of course that productivity will increase as well by way of that additional hour but it goes to show that public officers are in fact productive in what they do because while the work week was reduced the work load continued and in some cases increased and we were able to fulfill that with the kind of enthusiasm and pleasure that public officers get from serving the Belizean people so I can only hope that with this additional hour being added back on now that the productivity level will continue and that hopefully public officers will continue to provide quality public service to the Belizean people especially in those ministries which we know there is a lot of problems.”