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PSU President Says MOHW’s Transition Team is a Failure

Another issue within the Ministry, according to PSU’s Dean Flowers, is the so-called transition team that was put together to address human resources matters and the transition in administration. Flowers noted that improvements and progress are yet to be seen despite the creation of the appointment of a transition team.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “ If you go back to I believe November December or perhaps even January I’m not quite sure the specific date when we first said to this nation a transition team has been named within the Ministry of Health. The minister came out and he defended that transition team and that he needed that team. One year in the transition team remains there and we’ve seen the only transition that we’ve seen is transition from bud to worse where the administrative structure of the Ministry of Health is concerned. We’ve seen the inability of this administration to get competent people placed in the positions of chief executive officer. There exists a problem somewhere within that transition team and the minister and those to be appointed or already appointed CEO in the case of miss Mendez who vacated her post, there is a problem period we have been pointing this out for over a year when that finance officer came under attack by members of his transition team. We have been pointing this out where several of our clerks within the Ministry of Health Word transferred within a day accommodated by the former CEO of the ministry of public service no economic development.”