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PSU President says Public Service Commission may have thrown out case against Daniel Chi

The Public Service Commission remains without a chair but there are several issues before that commission. We asked the PSU President, Dean Flowers, today whether the case of Forest Officer, Daniel Chi, is before the commission. You would remember that Chi was accused of hanging up the phone on Prime Minister John Briceno when he tried to intervene for Diani Chan who owns Botanical Gardens by Rosslyn. The Ministry of Sustainable Development recommended that Chi be terminated for his actions, a situation that PSU says is foolishness. Flowers believes that possibly the commission dismissed the situation out of hand. 

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “The fact that the commission did meet after the CEO and the minister had confirmed that they had made recommendation for him to be dismissed suggests to me that it is possible that the commission may or may have not have looked at that matter but if they did in fact received such submission and to date  Mr. Chi has not been written to by the commission, now the last meeting of the commission as we understand it was around the 26th of June which would mean then that that would have given the secretariat enough time to write to Mr. Chi to say the commission looked at submissions from your ministry and how do you respond to the allegations? My suggestion is that if in fact there was a submission to the commission at the point in time that the ministry says it went then all indications would be that the commission may have done the right thing and considered the submission a waste of time and nothing else, in my humble words, but foolishness on the par of the CEO in the Ministry of Sustainable Development to even think about recommending dismissal of Mr. Chi for an incident which the public is in agreement that the PM was wrong where Mr. Chi, in the manner in which Mr. Chi acted, clearly there are some clarifications that needed to be made there. There are allegations of him setting down where in fact the facts are showing that he didn’t have a phone so he could not have set down so I’m pretty quite sure that if that matter went, the fact that we’ve not heard anything and the fact that Mr. Chi has not been written would suggest that the commission felt that it was a waste of their time and threw it out.”

Flowers told us that Chi returned to work right after his suspension ended and continues to do his job as a public officer at this time.