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PSU President Says Shortened Work Hours for the Public Servants are a Plus

Since the salaries of public sector workers and teachers were cut by ten percent, their working hours have also been abbreviated by an hour each day. Government offices have been operating during the shortened hours for months and we’ve wondered whether it has prevented ministries and departments from getting all their work done. PSU President Dean Flowers explained today that on the contrary, the shortened hours have encouraged public officers to work more efficiently.

Dean Flowers, President, PSU:  “Yes Dale I think that more importantly I think the public has benefitted from these reduced worked hours. I think that we are seeing much more efficiency. I think that ever since the onset of covid what we’ve seen is public officers spending more of their time getting work done than the kind of lackadaisical attitude that they had when we had the eight hour work week. This is a wonderful opportunity for the government also to engage in a study to do an assessment of this but I’m pleased to say we have not heard any complaints from the public that they are negatively impacted by this reduced work week and I’m also pleased to say that where the shift workers are concerned you know our essential service workers while there have been some problems with the calculation of their overtime the provision of service has continued uninterruptedly and I’m really hoping that in 2022 the government will get it right where the calculation and payment of overtime is concerned.”