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PSU President Says the Opposition is Failing the People

As the Public Service Union highlights the numerous discrepancies within the Ministry of Health, the question arises as to why the opposition party is not fulfilling its mandate by holding the government accountable. The United Democratic Party has been relatively silent on the issues in the health sector, with their last press conference some two months ago. Since then they have gone silent. PSU President Dean Flowers says it is a shame as the members of the opposition are being paid to do a job.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union:As it relates to why we’re not seeing an active, vibrant and informed opposition addressing these issues and especially the issue within the Ministry of Health as you rightly said it is the duty and responsibility of the paid opposition because we’re not begging them for service. And I used to say this when this administration was in opposition, you were being paid to keep the government in check and all you do is collect your salary and do nothing while the people of this country suffer. I cannot comment on why this current opposition is quiet on this national issue. I cannot comment on whether or not or how they’ll address it because I’m not a member of the opposition party, I am not a member of the UDP, I am not involved in politics so that question would have to be posed to the leader of the opposition and reminding him and his party that they are a paid opposition and they have a duty and an obligation to perform and stop looking to the unions to fill in their role as opposition. We are not a political party even though from time to time this administration and even the number position would look at the union and try to politicize our efforts in getting things done and in holding government accountable. But I think that we need to start holding the opposition as well responsible because these people are being paid. If any public officer would not be performing their roles and functions that they are being paid for they would be dismissed and so it’s important that we continue to hold her majesty’s royal opposition accountable to ensure that they’re doing what they should be doing to ensure that the government is kept in checked and that the government is fulfilling its mandate especially to the people of Belize in the Ministry of Health and in the area of health services especially during this pandemic that we are currently going through and as I said all that we can do is continue to pray that the mercies of God will continue to safeguard us against this pandemic whilst we’re dealing with an administration who at this current moment honestly appears to be clueless as to how to fix the many issues that exist within the Ministry of Health.”