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PSU President Says the Union is Against Mandatory Vaccines

Belize is some two weeks away from seeing the new regulations that would limit the unvaccinated persons in accessing public spaces. This is also one of the issues that the Public Service Union has taken issue with. Here is how the union President, Dean Flowers explained it.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union: “The Public Service Union is holding a general membership meeting tonight at seven to consult and discuss this issue with our members. I can say however preliminarily the response as with everything concerning vaccine is a divided one. However the council of management’s position remains that people should be afforded the freedom to choose what it is they wish to enter their bodies and we don’t want to get of course into all the argument about vaccines that were given to you as a child, the fact is your parent can make that determination for you on that so we were subjected  to those but we do not support any policy decision that is geared at mandatory vaccination. However to get a clearer understanding of where our members stand on this issue we are having the conversation with them tonight. We do not believe that any citizen should be barred from entering public space because they do not have a vaccination card. I believe that at the onset of this pandemic when Belize was able to slowly reopen we did so without a vaccine. The vaccine does not of course stop the virus or stop the spread of the virus but it is an additional weapon against the virus and so we support the vaccine and we support anybody that would want to get the vaccine and whoever gets the vaccine we’re in full support of you because it does help but at the same time you have to understand that where the COVID-19 is concerned it is spread by people whether you’re vaccinated or not. So what would stop you from contracting the virus is staying home when you don’t have to be out, using your mask, practice social distancing and sanitize your hands. That is the kind of message we want out there, that is the kind of enforcement we want to see from our law enforcement authorities and that is the message that we want the government to get back to as they would always say in life, go back to basics. Let’s get back to basics and let’s stop dividing our people along the lines of vaccination. So I can say to you that on principle we do not and we cannot support barring people from accessing public services because they’re not vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.”