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PSU President Says the Union is Grateful for GOB’s Hundred Dollar Christmas Bonus

Public officers and teachers will receive a Christmas bonus of one hundred dollars this year. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance John Briceno said that the gesture is simply one where the government is doing what it can to assist the more than sixteen thousand public sector workers and teachers this season. Today, we asked President of the Public Service Union, Dean Flowers whether those workers who’ve complained about the amount are ungrateful, given the state of the economy and Government not being obligated to give a bonus. He said perhaps those who do not want it can use it to make someone else’s holiday bright.

Dean Flowers, President, PSU: “I think again everyone is entitled to their own opinion and within the public service you have public officers who criticize the hundred dollars because they felt they were deserving of more, they wanted to have a conversation about their increments and their 10% and not a hundred dollars and you have public officers as well, and a great majority I believe, who are grateful for the hundred dollars. I’ve said to public officers ‘Look if you feel strongly about the hundred dollars get in the spirit of giving buy a couple chickens and donate those to the less fortunate in your community.’ The hundred dollars also gives us a wonderful opportunity to give back. If you believe that the hundred dollars is an insult to you then use it to give back to somebody who is less fortunate and to those who are grateful for the hundred dollars go out and buy your ham, your turkey and enjoy your hundred dollars. The government is not obligated you are right Dale. The government is obligated to have a conversation with us surrounding our increments and our 10%, we’re looking forward to that and I think you’ll have a difference of opinion where the hundred dollars is concerned and we just need to be respectful of that and move on.”

Love News understands that the bonus/ex-gratia payments will cost the government some one-point-six million dollars.