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PSU President Says the Union Was not Consulted on GOB’s October One Mandate

Come Friday, anyone who has not been vaccinated or cannot provide a recent COVID-19 with a negative result will not be able to access public buildings. On Monday, the Attorney General Magali Marin Young said the measures, which only apply to government buildings, were arrived at after wide consultations. But, the Public Service Union wants to know who was consulted because, according to President Dean Flowers, his union was certainly not a part of those discussions.

Dean Flowers, President, Public Service Union President: “We find it a bit misleading and to put bluntly very disrespectful that the laborers and more importantly public officers were not consulted as it relates to this propose regulations that is supposed to come into effect on Friday. The Public Service Union represents public officers who no doubt stand to be affected more than anybody by the enacting of these regulations which will now require a negative COVID test or a vaccination card to access your place of employment.”

The discussion on these measures brings into sharper focus the delicate balancing act Government has to do in order to protect the population while not infringing on human rights. The union is now calling on the Government to make the tests or vaccinations free of cost for the public service. When asked if the Government can use the argument that it simply cannot afford to do that, Flowers said that it would be a tough pill for public sector workers to swallow.

In the interview with Love News late this evening, Flowers also added that there is still time to consult before the regulations kick in on October 1.