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PSU Presidents Upset Over GOB Paying Hospital Bill for the Late David Vega and his Wife

Another issue that PSU’s Dean Flowers brought to the forefront is the payment of several medical bills by the Government of Belize. Love News was furnished with copies of the payment confirmation and agreement showing that at least two bills were being paid for a PUP couple in the north. Flowers says it is unacceptable, but did not say if he would be pushing the issue with the government.

Dean Flowers, President, PSU: “As it relates to now the issue of COVID what is also unfortunate is that while we are forced to go to these public facilities which sadly aren’t at the level they need to be the wives and ministers are going to the private facility and that is okay, that is their right but what is not their right is for them to be paying out of the public purse. I have invoices here to the tune of almost $150,000 for the wife of a minister or an area rep because he wasn’t even sworn in as a minister this is the lady from the north. The people of Belize paid her medical bills. I can say to you all those ministers that were infected with COVID there is no insurance policy for public officers or ministers. We all have a duty and a responsibility to take care of our selves but what is happening ? The wife and ministers bill are getting paid by the Ministry of Finance and we have those supporting documents to show that the Financial Secretary has approved the payment in the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Healthcare Partners and other private facilities while the average Belizean who also have the right for the government pay their bills have to die and go to the public facility it’s a damn shame. My problem is how the hell you will use my tax paying dollars to pay for that nonsense my brother ? Not the nonsense in the sense of their health but I call it nonsense in that it is unfair. It is unfair that the ministers and their family can get their medical bill paid by the people’s money then me and you have to die, that is unfair and the Belizean people need to know what happening and the Belizean people need to go these private facilities and send their bill to Joseph Waight and the Government of Belize because they’re paying for their friends and cronies so why they can’t pay for us too ? They can’t even fix our basic health facilities to ensure we get quality healthcare.”

Love News asked Minister Henry Usher to respond to the PSU’s upset over the government’s decision to pay the medical bills for David Vega and his wife who were infected with Covid-19 last November.

Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service, Constitutional Reform and Political Reform: “You want me to say that this was a family that almost lost a father and a mother and we are looking at saying that we shouldn’t have been paying those bills ? I find that hard to accept that if that is what they’re commenting on – and let me say this, let me segue a little bit because they were commenting on the COP26 and the cost of that delegation going over there but nobody said anything although Dean Barrow’s flight was only one to Miami to meet with Ashcroft he gave away $500 million dollars so that one flight cost Belize $500 million dollars. Let them talk about that one before we talking about COP26 or paying a bill for the Honorable David Vega, a man who served his constituency unfortunately he passed away from COVID that family his children almost lost their mother as well so I think it’s important and I really find it it hurts me to think that the PSU would be harping on that.”