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PSU Says Chief Transport Officer is not Qualified

Recently appointed Chief Transport Officer, Dian Vasquez has garnered the attention of the Public Service Union (PSU) after it was found out that she is not qualified for the post. First Vice President Dean Flowers pointed out that Vasquez’ studies focused on diplomacy and environmental science, and nothing to equip her as the Chief Transport Officer.

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “With the new Chief Transport Officer is concerned the Public Service Union acknowledges the fact that I believe, it’s a Ms.Vasquez,  that she has taken the time out to improve her professional development and career but our concern with that matter is that that position called for a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Transportation, Logistics, Administration, Management or related field and what we saw coming out of the Ministry of Transport was that Ms.Vasquez has a Bachelors in Environmental Science and a Masters in Diplomacy and Environmental Management; when we issue a statement of on this matter it will speak to that. We will also call into question whether or not there was an earnest and open and transparent manner in which that post was filled. I for one never saw an advertisement of that post. Now to the best of our knowledge that is a permanent established post and so transport officers within the transport department should have been afforded the opportunity for upward mobility to fill that post if it is that they had the requisite qualification and experience to matriculate into that post. Also, public officers within the wider public service in an effort to save money should have also been looked at because it could be that somebody within the wider public service could have been rationalized over to the Transport Department. So those are the areas that we will commenting on including of course the fact that here goes the Government of Belize once again issuing another unnecessary contract. Why are you issuing contracts against permanently established posts and why aren’t the wider public servants within the wider public service being afforded the opportunity to assume these posts which they have qualified themselves for ? So again it goes again to show the irregularities and the hypocrisy of the government in further inflating the wage bill because now with this contract comes a whole lot of other benefits including a gratuity.”

Flowers further stated that if Vasquez was qualified and suited for the post of Chief Transport Officer, it should have gone through the Public Service Commission. Vasquez was appointed on May 18.