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PSU says Public Offers are Facing Victimization

The Public Service Union today told the media that it has warned the Public Service Ministry that it will take legal recourse related to claims of political victimization. PSU’s first Vice President Dean Flowers says that the PSU all political victimization will be investigation and politically motivated transferred will be challenged.

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “We have served the public service notice that we will take legal action where our people are being victimized. And because of the victimization that is happening with terminations and transfers the talks this morning almost broke down and that’s why we didn’t get far and I want to be clear on that. The talks this morning almost broke down because of the nonsense that was on TV last night. Whereby people were being threatened. I am pleased to report that under the good leadership of the three ministers there today we were able to get their commitment that the victimization stops and it stops now. “

Reporter: Are you able to sight specific instances ?

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “We have a million and one instances. I can tell you there are some serious I would call them inhumane decisions that were taken in the Ministry of Health. I can tell you transfer letters contrary to the public service regulations were issued this week and those will be revisited. And some of them will be reversed if they’re found in breach of the public service regulations. It has to be reversed. We cannot allow supervisors and CEOs and ministers to think that they can circumvent the law and attack people for exercising their rights. We cannot stop idle by and watch that happen. Not while we’re here it will not happen.”

Flowers shared a specific example of what he describes as political victimization where an attorney was locked out of his government email.

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “I was made aware of that this morning and that’s why I said the talks almost broke down this morning because we will not continue in discussions with a government who is victimizing people because they’re exercising their rights. Yes an attorney in the public service was locked out of her email this morning on the instructions of her CEO and that was referred to the minister and we expect that that will be corrected. This nonsense of victimizing people this is not a fight against the government, this is not a fight against the government this is a fight against the injustice and a broken system that is pushing us in deeper poverty. So please CEOs, supervisors, this is not politics. Stop attacking our people because of their political affiliation they have a right just like you to choose their political affiliation.”