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PSU suing Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle

The Public Service Union (PSU) is throwing down the gauntlet on Belmopan’s Mayor Khalid Belisle. The PSU is taking legal action against Belisle and the Belmopan City Council because it believes it has suffered “considerable financial loss and damages as a result of the sale of the property by the Belmopan City Council and will therefore ensure the full recovery of its investment over the last eighteen years.”  Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle made a steep jump into the torrid waters of national politics when his council sold the land under the PSU headquarters and transferred the property to a shell company called Simplex Design, one day after it was registered.  The PSU had a reversal of luck on Thursday when its leaders met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow who agreed that the Belmopan City Council erred and failed to demonstrate common courtesy to the PUS prior to the fire sale of the Hilltop Property. The PSU press release which was sent late this evening said that it the PM had committed to work with the PSU to ensure the swift and full recovery of Hilltop and the subsequent legal transfer of the land to the PSU.