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PSU Under Financial Scrutiny

The Public Service Union will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday but things are already getting messy. A financial report dated November 2021 purportedly penned by former treasurer of the Belize Branch, Jennifer Myvett, is accusing the PSU of the very thing they are fighting for. Myvett says that the PSU’s Belize Branch lacks accountability. She even present specific accusations against the Belize Branch President and the national treasurer. But our review of the PSU’s financial statements show that Myvett’s claims are baseless. In fact, first vice president of the PSU Dean Flowers told Love News this evening that Myvett lost the Belize branch elections in 2020 and the report had been leaked back then to discredit her competitors. Flowers says the document is filled with baseless accusations and falsehood penned by a disgruntled loser.

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “That report along with an accompanying letter which you’re right is dated November of 2020 and to give you a brief history of that that surfaced last year prior to the Belize district elections. Again that report is not the official report as submitted by the former treasurer that is a fabricated report that was aimed to mislead the members of the Belize district branch and that was proven via the results of that election because the fabricator of that report and letter was blown out three to one so if it is that there was any truth to that report or accompanying letter then clearly the members of the Belize district who received that misleading and libelous report and letter would have of course taken issue with it and would have ensured that the originator or the fabricator perhaps would have been successful but the fact that she was blown out three to one speaks volume that the report was a fabrication, it was misleading, it is untrue and it does not reflect the position or the reality of the Belize district branch.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: It is your opinion then that the report contains pure falsehood and you have documentation to prove that all what is contained there is false ? 

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “Yeah. Hipolito as you can attest the reason why you came here today is because we ensured that we provided to you every single piece of receipt and information and explanation in accordance with good accounting principles so that you yourself could have verified that in fact the correct report for the Belize district branch is different from that fabricated and misleading report. So I don’t have to answer that question you yourself would be able to in your commentary state that that is not the official position and that is not the official report of the Belize district branch.”

Following the original leak of the document in November 2020, an audit was conducted which was supervised by several leading members of the PSU including the Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Flowers believes that the reason the document is being circulated again is to discredit him and his team before the elections on Saturday.

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “It was fair, open, honest, independent and unbiased audit which resulted in the official financial statements of the Belize district branch being published by the very individual who I understand fabricated this false report and leaked it to the media. And I want to say it clearly this is nothing new, this has been in circulation and dispelled since November of last year. There was an attempt to disparage, to mislead, to defame and to tarnish the good character of the branch chair of the Belize City who has an impeccable character as well as other individuals that may be associated with myself and the elections that comes up. So it’s just mischief by disgruntled and really and truly defeated individuals because as I said they were defeated three to one overwhelmingly last year. So as union members I want to implore to them to please understand that this is not the spirit of unionism. I cannot see why is it that they would bring back this fabricated issue and in an attempt to create division at the upcoming AGM and I want to make a pledge as well that going forward if I am successful on Saturday which I trust and believe that I will be I pledge to bring unity and I pledge to deal very stiffly with this kind of membership. Article 18 of the PSU constitution is clear that for those members who bring this union into disrepute they ought to be disciplined and that is my first order of the day and so I want to say to those people stop it because going forward we will address that very seriously.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: What if I tell you that you sound like a dictator trying to shut up opinionated people ?

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “Absolutely not. Section 18 is very clear. It speaks to disparaging and bringing into disrepute the union. If it is that people are doing that then we must follow the law.”