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Rt.Honorable Dean Barrow -Prime Minister of Belize

PSU wins; Prime Minister says Hilltop to be returned to union

 There is victory for the Public Service Union (PSU) tonight as their home land will be free and clear.  The last two weeks have seen the PSU lashing out at the Belmopan City Council; the council defending the sale of the hilltop property and the Lands Department saying they had no involvement in the transaction.  This morning, the Prime Minister listened to the PSU and after over an hour of meeting with its representatives, a solution was formulated.  Here is how Prime Minister Dean Barrow put it to the media this morning, immediately after the meeting.

Honorable Dean Barrow: “We agree that the objective is to restore control of that hilltop property to the PSU and I have proposed a way to make that happen and we are on both sides absolutely confident that in consequence it will occur. I don’t want to get into the details of the the methodology but I can say with absolute certainty that we are going to be able to procure the restoration of that hilltop property to the PSU.”

PSU President Dareth Obermayer says that they will meet with its membership to present details of the progress made. In the meantime, Obermayer says that they will desist from the legal challenge they had begun filing.  There is a looming issue, however, that surfaced during this entire land saga and that is the registration of the company, Simplex Design Company, that had bought the land.  The company listed its address as #38 Santa Rita Layout, Corozal Town.  The problem is that that is the address of the PSU Corozal Branch executive member, Amelio Cal who told Love News that he has been living there for the past eighteen years and there is no such company at that location and he has never met the owner, Xin Ni.

Dareth Obermayer President PSU: “PSU had put together a research team and they still continue the research as it relates to everything surrounding the individual that bought the property as well as the legality aspect of the finances being transferred and the parcel of land that the individual has indicated on such document.”

Reporter: “Are you still adamant that you will not be moved from the hilltop?”

Dareth Obermayer President PSU: “Yes and we stand firm like what our members have mandated us on and that we are not going to be moved under no circumstances as such.”

Reporter: “So there is absolutely no possibility that the PSU and its membership will consider receiving another parcel of land?”

Dareth Obermayer President PSU: “No that’s a big no.”

Love News spoke to the Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte last week, who told us that his ministry is investigating the matter and that from the surface it seems like a mix up, as in Corozal Town there is an area called Santa Rita Layout and another area called Santa Rita Road; at #38 Santa Rita Road there is a store called Tang’s Supermarket.  The Belmopan City Council made the sale to Simplex Design Company Limited for a sum of four hundred thousand dollars.