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Public Advised to Take Caution When Seeking Medical Attention

In light of yesterday’s report we made surrounding Jose Luis Espat Uc and his declaration of being a medical doctor, the Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero cautioned the public to be wary when seeking medical attention.


I think it is misleading we would have to address it I think on both ends, you perhaps have to also engage the public in ascertaining and assuring who is a doctor or not. I believe the medical council has taken a step forward in publicizing who has a license to practice and I think patients also need to be able to ask that from the treating clinician if their doctor has a license or not to practice. So I believe the government gazette has been published with all the listing of currently licensed doctors for 2017. You see in the issue of people who are not doctors you are in a bind because who is legally responsible for them? The medical council has responsible for those that are doctors in the system but he has never presented his papers so I don’t know of the medical council can actually issue any statement in that regard. I know that topic will be discussed at the next council meeting and I believe a position statement will come out of that meeting.”

The Medical Council is expected to address this matter with Uc in their next meeting slated for June 29.