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The public misuses the Highway, Cisco Contract Manager states

Commuters on the Philip Goldson highway might have noticed yellow tapes around lampposts that have been recently destroyed by car accidents. The Highway has been recently reconstructed with wider roads and ample lighting for drivers at night but there has been an increase in road accidents on the highway. Today, Cisco Construction Contract Manager, Arsenio Burgos, told us that the public has been misusing the highway.

Aresnio Burgos, Contract Manager, Cisco Construction: “That highway is a two-lane highway up to what we call the Benny’s Roundabout. After that, it’s a wide one lane with wide shoulders. The public is using it as a two-lane highway all the way to the second roundabout and people are passing on the right-hand side which is an illegal way to pass. So it is not a two-lane highway from what you would call Benny’s to the next roundabout, it’s a wide one lane as what you see on the Mexican side and it’s incredible that the reason for the width and the lights is for safety purposes and we seem to be having more accidents lately on the highway, a highway that has been built wider than normal and being lit.”