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Public Service Minister talks return of 10% and normal working hours

Public sector workers and teachers are less than two weeks away from the reinstatement of the ten percent that was cut from their salaries last year. While many are welcoming this decision, Government offices will resume normal working hours come July 1. Minister of the Public Service discussed both announcements and what it means for the public officers and teachers today. 

Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service: “Last year when we had to announce that salary adjustment it was difficult. Really difficult conversation to have with our joint union team explaining to them the reason why we needed to have that savings with the salary adjustment. At the time we said that it would be for a maximum of three years so this year when we were doing our budge preparation I was happy that the Ministry of Finance the Prime Minister made the announcement to us in Cabinet that he believe that this year we would be able to give back that salary adjustment two years earlier. So it was a big relief to us especially myself as the Minister of Public Service to hear that announcement and it was made during the budget presentations. I can say that the public officers who have had to sacrifice this past year I just want to thank them again. Really appreciate that they were part of this process. I know it was difficult but I’m glad that we were able to get back that salary adjustment earlier than we expected. Of course with the salary adjustment returning we’re also returning to regular working hours so the working hours will be returned to normal and the work week I believe that there were some departments where they cut down on the workweek that work week will also return to normal.”